Companies of all sizes, all sectors of activity combined, listed or unlisted and having at least 3 financial years approved by a legal auditor.

Companies in search of valuation, with a view to a fundraising or an IPO, for commercial and market considerations, the search for strategic partners, for the consolidation of relations with suppliers, investors, shareholders, creditors, etc. ….

Global Approach



Risks management and decision making tool in terms of selection and valuation of targeted companies.



Portfolio quality monitoring tool and management of the valuation action plan.



Instrument of differentiation and of valuation and upstreaming sales for certified companies.



Companies aiming visibility, positive reputation and valuation of their stock price.


Entities for which the quality of their financial situation represents a management fundamentals / prerequisite, but as well an argument of attractiveness.


Companies looking for continuous expansion and growth, trough a strategy of managerial and financial development, as well as for a set of positioning markers.


Consortium of diverse activities, whose stability and development depends on the analysis of its activities portfolio, the management of its financial situation and its financing capacity.

B to C approach

To whom is MSI 20000 intended ? Types of entities that will benefit from the MSI 20000 certification :

  • Financial institutions (banking, leasing, microfinance, etc.) for their refinancing or as a guarantee for their clients.
  • Insurance and reinsurance institutions to reassure policyholders.
  • Public listed companies or companies aiming for an IPO, in order to maximize their financial valuation.
  • Companies aiming to enhance their attractiveness upstream of their fundraising or financial restructuring.
  • Companies seeking to enhance their attractiveness within a merger & acquisition process.
  • Companies seeking to enhance visibility, for commercial or partnership purposes.
  • Companies aiming to international development and expansion.
  • Companies considering participating in a call for tenders or call for consultation.
  • Companies subscribing to a logic aimed at reassuring clients and existing business partners (customers and suppliers).
  • Companies entering into negotiations with suppliers or lessors / creditors (pricing, borrowing or financing conditions, etc.).
  • Importing companies following a logic aimed at reassuring suppliers about the buyer’s solvency.
  • Exporting companies following a logic aimed at reassuring buyers of the sustainability of the relationship.

B to B approach

Financial certification is an instrument of identification, analysis and monitoring, which can be requested by a third party, with the purpose of checking or understanding the financial situation and governance of an entity, within various contexts: strategic or commercial partnerships, M&A, financing process, etc…).

Structures calling for or having recourse to MSI 20000 certification :

  • Financial institutions: make sure of the reimbursement capacity of a borrower.
  • Investment funds and asset management structures:
    • identify investment opportunities.
    • benchmark and complete mapping of an investment target according to its sector and based on international indicators.
    • schedule an exit in good conditions.
  • Commercial or partnership relations: validate the financial solvency of a potential partner (client or supplier) within the context of a B to B transaction, tender or invitation for proposal process, etc.